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Progressive Rock Concert Reviews
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Skeletonbreath - Live in Metuchen, New Jersey, November, 2006
Review by Julie Knispel
The NJ Proghouse series of concerts has been a boon to fans of progressive music in the NY/NJ metro area. Promoter Jim Robinson has presented a variety of shows, ranging from progressive metal to folk to avant progressive rock.
Spaced Out - Live at NEARfest, 2002
Review by Stephen Ellis

The first thing to be said about the Sunday opening band, Spaced Out is "good band, wrong day".

Spiraling - Live CalProg, May, 2007
Review by Michael Bader
Spiraling’s 15 song set drew on songs from their two previously released CD’s, Challenging Stage and Transmitter. as well as testing pieces from their forthcoming untitled release this summer.
Spock's Beard - Live in Quebec City, July, 2007
Review by Sonya Kukcinovich Hill
Spock's Beard has drawn many musical comparisons through the years, most often to progressive giants early Genesis and Yes. Indeed, Dave Meros' Rickenbacker sound is frighteningly close to Yes' Chris Squire, especially his sophisticated use of counterpoint in advanced rhythmic passages.
Spock's Beard - Live at RoSFest, April, 2007
Review by Josh Turner
Spock’s Beard was the ideal festival closer. After taking an exorbitant amount of time tuning up and an extensive raffle that proved little to no winners, this wick was lit and the act was underway.
Spock's Beard - Live in Chicago, May 2006
Review by Josh Turner
More  pics from this show are available in our members' area.
Spock's Beard - Live In Chicago, May, 1999
Review by Gary Hill and Steve Alspach
Who says that progressive rock can`t be fun and funny? Certainly not Spock`s Beard.

Spock's Beard - Live in Chicago IL, August, 2000
Review by Steve Alspach
Opening for Dream Theater, Spock's Beard played a surprisingly short set. With their new album, "V" due out shortly, one would think that the band would have played a few songs from that album, but it wasn't to be. 
Spock's Beard - Live at London’s High Voltage Festival, July, 2011
Review by Alison Reijman
It was quite a feat that the US prog legends were at the festival at all because of the notable absence of Nick D’Virgilio.

Star People - Live In Milwaukee 2000
Review by Gary Hill
How many of us can say that we have seen extraterrestrials perform live music?
Starcastle - Live at RoSFest, April, 2007
Review by Josh Turner
There was a lot of hype surrounding this band as they were back after several decades, a fallen member, and a new album. More so than all the rest, this was a band who had a history and legend with RoSfest.
Stick Men - Live in Buffalo, New York, October 2011
Review by Grant Hill

The excellent “Two of a Perfect Trio” tour was a well-publicized and equally well received series of concerts featuring the bands of King Crimson legends Tony Levin and Adrian Belew.

Stratospheerius - Live in Chicago, IL, April, 2007
Review by Greg Olma
I always find it a little daunting to review a concert by a band that I know nothing about. Such was the case with the Stratospheerius show at Martyr’s on April 23, 2007.
The Strawbs - Live In Milwaukee, WI, June 2008
Review by Josh Turner
My assessment is mixed like a Strawberry Margarita. Come to think of it; I was told that there was a Strawberry Full Moon shining down on Shank Hall throughout this evening, and I don’t think I was being razzed about it.
Styx - Live in Albany, Oregon, August 2012
Review by Larry Toering
Getting out to see Styx did not come easy, as this concert at the Oregon Amphitheater was during the Arts and Air Festival, and it was free, so it was actually packed beyond capacity.
Styx - Live in Rockford, Illinois, June 2016
Review by Eric Meli
The Coronado Theater was built in 1927 and is a perfect setting for a band like Styx.
The Syn - Live in Milwaukee, January 2006
Review by Josh Turner
When I got to the venue, I was surprised to see Alan White on the marquee. As my friend Adam said when I called him after the show, it would be great to see Chris Squire, but an event with both of them is something special.
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