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Metal/Prog Metal Concert Reviews
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Black 'N Blue - Live in Portland, Oregon, March 2013
Review by Larry Toering

Whenever Black 'N Blue return to Portland, which is essentially their home town – even though two of them reside in L.A. – it's always a grand homecoming of sorts.

Black Label Society - Live at Ozzfest, 2004, Alpine Valley, WI
Review by Gary Hill
Black Label Society is, for the uninitiated, Ozzy guitarist Zakk Wylde's band/solo project. The sound of the group these days is somewhere between Ozzy and Guns and Roses. This mix of sounds made them one of the least homogenous bands on the bill, and this added to their appeal to this reviewer.
Black Sabbath - Live at Ozzfest, 2004, East Troy, WI
Review by Gary Hill
Ever since their original reunion with Ozzy I have made a point to see Black Sabbath whenever they came around. This time marks the 6th time I saw the lineup, and of all the shows, it was the weakest.
Black Sabbath - Live in Chicago, IL, June 8th, 2001
Review by Gary Hill
Having seen Sabbath the last couple times around, I was expecting another similar show - a band of living legends performing as legends, going through the motions of repeating the performances from their glory days. Not that that would not have been enjoyable, I signed on for two days of Ozzfest just for that experience two more times
Black Sabbath - Live in Chicago, January 19, 1999
Review by Gary Hill
Black Sabbath really invented the genre of heavy metal, and, to this day performs the genre in a way that many have copied but none have duplicated.
Blind Guardian - Live in Chicago, 2002
Review by Arnold Hablewitz
Blind Guardian went onstage to the introduction of friend and peer, Iced Earth's Jon Shaeffer, who (being from Indiana) drove out to intro his buds to the anxious crowd. Hansi Kursch and company then blasted through an hour and a half of career-spanning favorites that took more tracks off of the "Nightfall in Middle-Earth" album than anything else. S
Burn Halo - Live in Chicago, IL in February 2009
Review by Travis Jensen
The sights and sounds of a live metal show is certainly enough to get the blood flowing for just about any able-bodied youth.
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