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Faith No More
CD Reviews
The Real Thing
Review by Gary Hill
Although the majority of the lyrics to this album are too dark and gritty for my tastes, the music contained herein is a very good meshing of heavy metal and progressive rock influences.
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Ozzy Osbourne - Down To Earth
Review by Gary Hill
Quite a few critics have said that the strength of this album is the fact that it doesn't waver from Ozzy's tried and true style, and that fact establishes a musical reliability in a sea of changing music. Well, this reviewer for one thinks that they must not have really listened to this album.
Various Artists - Nativity In Black
Review by Rick Damigella
  It is safe to say that while there were forces all happening simultaneously in music in the late 60’s, which would later be regarded as the elements from which heavy metal evolved. One band crawled forth, nay, stomped out of, the primordial ooze of the late sixties music scene to single handedly create an entirely new sound heretofore unheard coming from the speakers of stereos of the youth of the world.
Ozzy Osbourne - Prince of Darkness Box Set
Review by Patrick Hennen
I'm here today to let you know about the new 4-disc box set by Ozzy Osbourne, entitled, appropriately, "Prince Of Darkness".
Chuck Mosley and VUA - Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food
Review by Gary Hill
Chuck Mosley is the former lead singer for Faith No More. If you know anything about that band, it’s that they were hard rocking and very creative.
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