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Who and What is Music Street Journal?

All cover pictures and lyrical excerpts are copyright the respective record labels and publishing companies. All other material on this site (images, reviews, interviews, etc.) are copyright Music Street Journal. Many of the copyright dates that say "2000" actually are copyright 1998 and 1999. Any use without consent is forbidden. To arrange for permission, email the webmaster at To bands and labels----feel free to use quotes in your advertisements and promotional releases, but please send a copy of the ad or promo materials to Music Street Journal (electronic copy is fine).

Please note that other than materials submitted by Supreme Level Sponsors (and expedited reviews), all review copies must be physical copies. Also, in most cases we do not review items that are available to the public only in digital form.See the announcements section of the main page of Music Street Journal for more details, but in general, We only accept digital review copies under two circumstances - 1 from our supreme level sponsors (175 per year) and 2 for an expedited review (40 dollars). For streaming the only way we accept copies that way is an expedited review from streaming (70). We are always happy to accept physical copies for review.

The main section of the online version of Music Street Journal will always be free and will consist of reviews, interviews and news as available. MSJ also includes produces books based on our musical coverage. You can find various other merchandise at and We will certainly appreciate suggestions and constructive criticism, but, please keep in mind that, obviously, all reviews are the opinion of the author(s). Music Street Journal is published every other month.

Music Street Journal is designed and maintained by Gary Hill, who serves as webmaster and editor-in-chief.

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